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The Metaverse from the Eyes of a 14-Year Old

A couple weeks ago, I posted the interview with my 10-year old to provide a glimpse into a future generation vision of video games, VR and the Metaverse.  The interview provided wonderful insights into Roblox, VR that causes pain and “food tubes”.  To mix things up, I spent some time with my 14-year old to…More

Surfing Lessons

I’ve never gone surfing (nor do I plan to), but from what I know- I think it just might be the best analogy for parenting.  While we’re helpless when it comes to the rhythm and timing of the waves of life, the most valuable lesson we can teach our children is how to surf.  A…More

The Metaverse from the Eyes of a 10-Year Old

While all of us grown-ups, the press and corporate executives are chatting it up and speculating about the future of the Metaverse, I wanted to go a bit outside the box and get a different point of view.  To get a glimpse into the future generations’ true vision- I went straight to the source.  I…More

HoodieX Builds a Metaverse Business

…a fictional glimpse into the real future As I’m sure you’ve read, the Metaverse is all the rage right now- even though mainstream adoption could be a decade out.  With Facebook officially changing its name to Meta, as well as tech heavyweights like Microsoft and Nvidia investing heavily- there is much discussion and speculation around…More


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