The Metaverse from the Eyes of a 14-Year Old

A couple weeks ago, I posted the interview with my 10-year old to provide a glimpse into a future generation vision of video games, VR and the Metaverse.  The interview provided wonderful insights into Roblox, VR that causes pain and “food tubes”.  To mix things up, I spent some time with my 14-year old to get what proved to be a drastically different PoV:

While all of us grown-ups, the press and corporate executives are chatting it up and speculating about the future of the Metaverse, I wanted to go a bit outside the box and get a different point of view. To get a glimpse into the future generations’ true vision- I went straight to the source. I turned to none other than my 14 year-old for a candid conversation.

What are your top 3 favorite video games?

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • A Way Out
  • The Forest


They’re all multi-player games, so I can play with my friends.  Playing video games by myself seems pointless.  I only find video games fun when I play with other people.

Have you ever paid real money for in-app purchases in a video game?


Which games?

Fortnite and Forza Horizon.

What have you purchased?

In Fortnite- I bought skins (outfits for in-game avatars) and V-bucks (in-game currency).  In Forza it was an expansion pack for the map so I could explore more of the island.

About how much real money have you spent?
In total, approximately $100.

Do you think the games can be fun without these purchases?

In Fortnite- you can 100% play without in-app purchases, but every time you log-in and log off they try to tempt you to spend as much as possible on the game.  In Forza Horizon- you can really play without the in-app purchases, but you can also buy cars which give you an advantage.  It’s pay-to-win, because you race and certain cars are better and faster for winning.

What do you like about PC  vs more standard Xbox games?

I find that playing games on the computer is way more enjoyable than Xbox.  With Xbox- I’m more relaxed sitting on the couch / bed.  When I play on the PC, it’s more interactive with friends.

What do you think video games will be like in 10 years?

You won’t be able to tell real life from the video game.  A VR / AR headset would make it so you’d either be in the video game, or the video game would be in real-life.  Distinguishing between the two would be impossible. 

What do you think of using VR glasses to play virtually inside the game?

I think that’s the next step in video games and technology in general.. being inside that and being genuinely a part of that world.  VR would allow you to get off the desk chair / couch, and be in the world that these characters are living in.

What if you could play in a virtual world?

You could essentially do anything you would like.  Theoretically, there would be no risks to playing.  You could restart if you didn’t like the outcome.  You could become anyone you want to be, and do anything you want to do.

Would you want to do that?

Not necessarily- I like living on Earth.  I think living in a virtual world would cause harm to all of humanity.  This would stem from health issues, lack of hygiene, social anxiety and taking care of the planet.   You could have brain problems from being on the screen too long and a lack of sleep.  You wouldn’t have a real social life with real friends.  There’s also the risk of getting “led on” by others that pretend to be your friend and misconceptions of who they really are.

How many hours a day would you play?

I don’t think I would participate in it. 

After you graduate college and are in the real world, would you spend time in this virtual world?

Once I graduate college, I want to live my life.  I didn’t work hard and go through school to sit on a VR headset and play video games.  I’d rather live my life, get married, get a job and be successful.  True success comes from hard work and effort.

Would you buy clothes, cars and a house in the virtual world?

If I were to play in this virtual world- I would do what everyone else was doing.  If my friends were playing and living in this virtual world, I would consider it.  I know my answer would be different now than if I was actually there and enticed to purchase.

If you had $50,000- how much money would you pay to have the best house, cars and clothes?


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