Surfing Lessons

I’ve never gone surfing (nor do I plan to), but from what I know- I think it just might be the best analogy for parenting.  While we’re helpless when it comes to the rhythm and timing of the waves of life, the most valuable lesson we can teach our children is how to surf.  A…More

A Day at the Arcade

I took my 8 year old daughter mini-golfing and to the arcade the other weekend.  Our mini-golfing was chock full of laughs, thrills, tears, nail-biting PGA-level putting birdies and aces all in the context of Africa-hot ‘Valley’ temperatures, but it was really the arcade that I thought was worthy of remark. So I have an…More

How To Keep Kids Productive During Summer Break

A common parenting challenge I’ve come across is what the kids should do during Summer Break.  Kids are so busy these days during the school year- do you just give them a break and let them play Fortnite all day, every day?  Or should you keep them productive and enroll them in camps and classes…More