HoodieX Builds a Metaverse Business

…a fictional glimpse into the real future As I’m sure you’ve read, the Metaverse is all the rage right now- even though mainstream adoption could be a decade out.  With Facebook officially changing its name to Meta, as well as tech heavyweights like Microsoft and Nvidia investing heavily- there is much discussion and speculation around…More

My 2021 Challenge to the Marketing Technologists…

As we transition from the challenges of 2020 into the unknown that is 2021, I’m likely not alone in trying to anticipate what’s to come in the new year.  While no one has a crystal ball, we can at least do our best to read the tea leaves that have been put out in the…More

Yelp Says… “Hey Jason, are you near La Super-Rica Taqueria?”

Do you ever get those creepy, yet intuitive push notifications on your mobile phone from Yelp?  Like, “Jason, are you near La Super-Rica Taqueria?  Here are some reviews…” I don’t know why, but of all apps- I’m fascinated at how Yelp does this.  Don’t get me wrong, all location aware apps are cool- like Find…More

Have You Tried The New “Jason Baer” Flavored Gatorade?

Inspired by last Thursday’s article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Age of Personalized Everything”, I thought I would explore how deeply personalized products have become here in the year 2019.  Although I’m in the business of personalized marketing, I was not fully aware of the revolution where actual products are becoming personalized, just for…More


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