Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Here’s lesson #2 around how you can use financial acumen to up your sales game… Today I’ll be reviewing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  Often times when a company is evaluating a purchase decision, they will solely focus on the initial cost of an investment and choose the one that requires the lowest upfront cost. …More

Return on Investment (ROI)

To follow up on my previous post around how financial acumen can be the missing ingredient from a salesperson’s game… Depending on your situation- business school may have been a long time ago and concepts have since been forgotten, or perhaps you haven’t yet had the opportunity to learn the basics of Finance. For those…More

The Missing Ingredient from Sales

I’ve been in Tech Sales for over 2 decades, and as most salespeople do- I’m constantly trying to figure out the winning formula.  When I typically think of the winning formula- I’d say the most simple, but reliable approach is BANT.  This is qualifying the opportunity by confirming there is an allocated Budget, the person…More

2020 is Here… What’s Your Plan to Crush Quota?

For all my sales colleagues out there, the dreaded moment has arrived.  We have gone from hero to zero.  Last year’s sales results are in.  Hopefully we have exceeded our quotas and paved our way to the much-coveted President’s Club Trip.  But no matter what the outcome- last year is history, your Sales VP has…More


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