“Loverboy”.. What sort of band name is that?

For those of you that are local to Southern California, you may be familiar with the music venue known as the “Canyon Club”, which is notorious for having classic rock, metal and rap acts that are long past their prime and on the slow road to the inevitable rock-n-roll graveyard.  From playing stadiums in their…More

Why is Ticketmaster Spamming Me About “Air Supply” Tickets?!!!

Despite the fact that I sell Marketing Personalization Software for a living, this post is not about work.  It’s about my ‘personal’ experience with personalization.  Every Sunday night, I have a ritual where I check my personal email for the week.  There’s usually nothing too interesting, but I check it to make sure nothing falls…More

“Led Zeppelin is the Greatest Band of All-Time.”

I just finished reading the definitive rock classic book, Hammer of the Gods, covering the history of Led Zeppelin from start to finish.  Ironically, I finished it around the same time as the 50th anniversary of their first album and the day Led Zeppelin was born.  In reading the tales of their debauchery and excess,…More