Yelp Says… “Hey Jason, are you near La Super-Rica Taqueria?”

Do you ever get those creepy, yet intuitive push notifications on your mobile phone from Yelp?  Like, “Jason, are you near La Super-Rica Taqueria?  Here are some reviews…”

I don’t know why, but of all apps- I’m fascinated at how Yelp does this.  Don’t get me wrong, all location aware apps are cool- like Find My iPhone, Starbucks and Pokemon Go.  But for me- Yelp is the most practical.  I eat out at restaurants 2-4 times per week, and am always looking for a good new place, especially when I’m outside of my hometown.

What’s particularly fascinating is when you enter a new town that you may not be familiar with, and as you do- Yelp sends a push notification recommending a restaurant as you arrive, to help you find a new place to grab grub.  This is super practical in my opinion.  I’m usually traveling for work, and always looking for a new lunch spot.  I mean how many times can I go to Chipotle and Starbucks?!  Bring on a new lunch spot, bring on a new local café!

Or what’s even creepier is if you just left a restaurant, bar, etc.. on occasion it asks for a review of where you just were.  How did it know?!  Obviously with the phone’s GPS technology, but that’s pretty impressive that it knows that you were actually in that specific location.  I went to the new local Dave and Busters the other weekend, and low and behold- as I walked out.. it asked ‘how did you enjoy Dave & Busters?’.

So turn on that push notification and location services on your phone, and you will find a new world of culinary delights!

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