The Mirror

When I woke up and looked in the mirror this morning, I asked myself why would I want to see this day. 

It’s nighttime, and I can’t help but follow my usual routine. 

I hop into my rental, and wander aimlessly through the Los Angeles jungle. 

The city of angels, where my angel has not yet been found. 

It’s 2am, the bars are closed and I drive down the boulevards. 

Passing women searching for business and men searching for pleasure. 

Lost souls are looking to be found. 

Open doors are shut and shut doors are open.

I’m searching for danger- the kind that will take me down.

I can’t get my fill from the boulevards, so I on ramp to the free way.

I remember hearing you should never go past the downtown borders.

Every corridor is trouble, and trouble is the game I choose to play.

I go past the downtown border.

I remember watching movies of these streets and I want celluloid.

I drive aimlessly through this danger zone hunting for a shot.

What drives me here?

Am I looking for a cheap thrill or a dose of reality?

An ending or a new beginning?

I woke up and looked in the mirror, or was it my shadow.

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