Everything You Wanted To Know About… Prospecting for 2019.

Are you having trouble getting motivated to prospect here in the new year (fun!)?  As I’m putting my plans together for 2019, I was curious to learn how things have changed as calls, emails, social and other tools have evolved, and how the buyers are responding.  Here’s a summary of my top findings…

1. The best time to prospect is between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.

Takeaway: Many sales reps make the mistake of calling during lunch hours. It turns out that most people are not receptive of a sales call when they are on their break, so call in the late afternoon.

2. Thursday is the best day to prospect. Wednesday is the second best day.

Takeaway: Don’t let this stat stop you from prospecting on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and the weekend. Every day should be a prospecting day.

3. It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect.  

Takeaway: Prospecting is hard and most of us hate it. But if you give up on a prospect after too few attempts, you are passing up a potential sale. Be persistent and determined.

4. 3 out of 4 managers will take action from a cold call or email alone (DiscoverOrg)

Takeaway: Give your prospects the information that they need to make an informed decision. Once you have successfully created value, your prospects will want to follow through by moving on to the next step of the process.

5. Five years ago, the average voicemail response rate was approximately 5%, and it’s falling. (InsideSales)

Takeaway: And you can bet that that percentage has gone down even more since then. No one likes listening to their voicemails. Save yourself (and your customers) valuable time by getting them on the phone. This ensures that you will be able to address their questions and concerns in real time.

6. Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter (McKinsey)

Takeaway: Although this stat is really about email marketing vs. social media marketing, it’s a good reminder of the general importance and power of email. It is worthwhile to improve your ability to craft impactful emails with effective subject lines and calls to action.

7. 70% of salespeople stop at one email.

Takeaway: If you send more emails, you’ve got a 25% chance to hear back. (YesWare)

8. More than one-third of email recipients use the subject line alone to determine if they will open the email. (Convince and Convert)

Takeaway:  First impressions are everything and the subject line of your email is your introduction to your potential customer. Let them know right away that you have something that is valuable and worth their attention.

9. 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.

Takeaway: If done right, social selling really works.

10. Salespeople who actively seek out and exploit referrals earn 4 to 5 times more than those who don’t.  

Takeaway: Referral-based selling is a surefire recipe for success. A referred customer is already pre-sold on the credibility of the sales person, product and company which makes these types of opportunities the warmest sales leads.


https://blog.thebrevetgroup.com/21-mind-blowing-sales-stats, Brian Williams, PhD



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